Liquid Wax Recommendations?


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Hey all! I have a DW piano black kit that I want to keep clean. DW emailed the following info:

"For a thorough cleaning, we suggest you remove all lugs and hardware from the shell. Clean the drums with a solution of mild detergent (dishwashing soap works well) and water, then dry completely with a soft clean cloth. To add a great shine, procure a petroleum-based liquid wax from an auto parts store. Follow the directions on the wax using small amounts on a soft clean cloth. Applied sparingly will yield the best results."

Can anyone recommend a "petroleum-based liquid wax" that is safe and they've used before on their kit? DW won't recommend an actual brand to me.


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I've had the same Yamaha natural wood finish kit since 1980 and I don't I think ever waxed it. When I take it out, it goes in cases- still looks pretty darn good.


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Ghostin one

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Not sure if DAWN is considered a "mild detergent", but a drop or two in a cup of water shouldn't hurt anything.

Just be sure dry it off as you go, and avoid any bare wood, if possible.


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Use a good iso alcohol prep spray (also automotive) beforehand to remove all residue from the surface, (follow their directions on applying). Then spray wax.