Linkin Park Tonight


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A bunch of us are in Macao and I told a friend to hook us up and there you have it. OK, so I'll be the oldest guy (55) in the audience, but what the heck ... I'm going to see Linkin Park tonight.

Been enjoying their music for the last three years or so, since I've been playing drums. I'm seeing more concerts since I started playing. Great hobby this drumming. If I was home, I was planning to see Diana Krall, with Jeff Hamilton, but can't do it since I'm on the road. This is an unexpected substitution, but ought to be a night of fun and loud music. I will report. Joey
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So much fun.

Never sat in the oxygen tent before, but surprisingly very good seats for being the only ones we could get, the cheap seats. I'm talking two rows from the very top and in the very back, about $50 US. (OK, a little more than that but only because of the craps table we found afterwards.) It was surprisingly comfortable and cool up there. China is hot and humid this time of year and they have the A/C down well. Seats to sit in instead of standing in the pit. But we stood up most of the show as the place was rockin. And though this arena was Loud, you could converse with the people around you at less than a full scream. I would sit there again. Particularly with the screens they have today, no big deal. Kinda like our very own Owners box.

Great sound system and the main singer was A++. Best song of the night was One Step Closer (SHUT UP WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU!) ... their first encore song and extended from the recorded version on Hybrid Therapy. They played Numb and Breaking the Habit back-to-back and was driving the crowd to the extreme. The crowd was singing every song word for word.

The drums sounded, actually all the sound sounded, perfect for the 15,000 seat arena at the Venetian. He plays for the music, though did a short solo connecting two songs that sounded Peart-like in the tom rolls and use of the crash hits. Very tasty drumming. Nothing showy at all, but a huge beat in every song. Good use of a huge china. Floor tom to the left of his snare if I saw it correctly. Two big screens, but they rarely cut to him with all the antics of the two singers.

Anyway, if any of you older guys have never heard these guys, check them out. They blend rap with heavy metal and are melodic. No ballads ... this singer was screamjing for 1 3/4 hours. Well, almost screaming the entire way. But a good scream. I like these guys. A very good show and one of the best I've seen from a technical standpoint .... comfort, sound, lighting, seats, arena. 8-9 out of 10. Probably a 10 out of 10 if you were a huge diehard fan of the group, which I'm not. But I'm a big fan now.

And I wasn't the oldest guy in the crowd. I know this for sure as one of my friends I dragged along is 60. hahaha Joey


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Good to know you had a great time. they aren't my favorite either but i wouldn't mind seing them live.