Limited edition Catalina club gretsch


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I'm considering preordering the new 5 piece Catalina club from gretsch with mahogany/ maple shells and wood hoops on the the Tom's for 1200 USD, also matching snare is included. I noticed all Catalinas are rather cheaper compared to all other gretsch models. Are they beginner drums? Not constructed in the USA? No silver sealer?


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Catalinas are mid-level drums, not beginner drums. They sound great. Plenty of gigging drummers use them. They're made in Asia, and they do not have silver sealer.

Do you know what to expect from wood hoops? The wood hoops look cool, no doubt, but you should be aware of how different they'll sound. They aren't for everybody. Some people love them, but they're not my cup of tea.

Wood hoops have a warm and round sound, a "fuzzier" sound, which is great...BUT, they are less articulate and have less attack. Again, that's great if that's what you're going for. Their sound is good for singer/songwriter music, indie music, classic rock...stuff like that. You can still use them for other genres, but that's what they're best for.

Watch some Youtube vids of other wood hoop drums like the PDP Concept Classic. That should give you an idea of how they'll sound.