Lightweight Mini Timbale Stand, DIY


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I bought a pair of 8" and 10" Mini Timbale's by PDP.
I soon discovered that I couldn't find a lightweight inexpensive stand for them.
I didn't want to buy an expensive heavy stand that is made for full sized timbale's because it would have been overkill.
I came up with the following solution.

I took one of my inexpensive PDP straight cymbal stands and I hacksawed the cymbal tilter off of the top of the down tube leaving the cast section of the tilter that is secured to the tube as a strong place to fasten a clamp to. The stand cost about $40 new. It is a single tier stand that is perfect for conversion to a light duty tom stand.

I bought an inexpensive Pearl clamp type cowbell holder and I secured it to the PDP stand tube. $25

I removed the factory tom mounts from the timbale's and I bolted the drums together like Bongo's via the holes where the mounts were. I made spacers from microphone stand adapters that I had in my parts storage bin. I used drum tension rods for bolts along with some nuts and large fender washers for strength.
I drilled the 10" timbale and I mounted a Ludwig classic tom mount bracket to it. I had it in my spare parts bin. $20

It works perfect! The stand is solid with no excessive sway. I can set the stand high or low as desired. I can tilt the drums in unison at all angles as desired. I don't even notice the small amount of extra weight in my hardware bag.
Links to the PDP stand and the Pearl cowbell clamp.


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Nice job! Doesn't look out of the ordinary at all.

I have the 10" PDP Timbale as well, and it's kind of fantastic! Brings a really delicious flavor to anything incorporating it (plus it's way cheaper than getting a 'real' add-on tom).


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Thanks Porter, Yes, it doesn't look like a homemade stand at all.
I also started with the lone 10" PDP timbale. I liked it so much that I bought the 8" about 6 months later. They are extremely useful for adding a latin groove whenever needed.
I am thinking of adding some snare wires from a cocktail kit style snare to make the 10" timbale into a second snare when desired.