Lightweight hardweare recomendations

Bo Eder

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I have the Pearl flat base stuff, which is cool. But there’s more stability with the Yamaha 600 stuff since they’re tripod bases. A lot of the new flat based stuff is about as heavy as the light tripod base stuff.


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I have the DW light weight sm boom cym stands and snare stands i think its the 6700 series, snare stand is pretty sturdy, the cym.. stds are border line sturdy, and dont adjust up to hi !


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I have the DW lightweight flat based Hardware snare stand cymbal stands are okay but the hi-hat stand is a bit wobbly. It functions fine it just wobbles a little bit and I'm okay with that but a lot of people don't like it. I think the Yamaha uptown lightweight Hardware is intriguing.

Bo Eder

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Whenever I run into something I know little about, and I don't have time to playtest and research and price-compare...... I just buy whatever Yamaha is offering. PA stuff. Brass Instruments. Stage keyboards...

The Crosstown stuff rocks. I checked it out at NAMM and it’s solid. The hi-hat is the equivalent to the 600 hi hat, but the aluminum parts is what makes the stuff stupid light. It’s very cool to get the two cymbal stands, hi hat and snare stand into a bag weighing 17 pounds. I may have to get a set as I get older!

C.M. Jones

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If you want lightweight, sturdy, and economical, look no further than Pearl's 800 series hardware. It's superior to the "luxury" hardware of many other manufacturers. If you want a spend a bit more, move up to Pearl's 900 series.


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I have the DW Ultralight hardware and love it. They are ultralight, duh, and they just look damn good.

The only downside to the flat-based stuff, is the cymbal stands do not vibe with high winds.
I have these too, and love them. All I have to do is fold up the legs and the hi-hat footboard and put them into a speaker stand bag with the base for my throne (it's a lightweight base from a cheap Gibraltar throne). The whole thing weighs less than two double braced stands.