Lighter duty 2 legged HiHat Stand


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I’m looking for a lighter weight 2 legged HiHat Stand under $200. I bought the DW 3000 and it works great but its as heavy as a tank. Too Heavy duty. I was hoping another company made a lighter duty one. Anybody have any experience? Problem is the Left foot area needed room for a HiHat, Double Bass drum pedal and a foot cowbell. Very cluttered. I'm thinking a 2 legged HiHat may fix the problem.


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The Yamaha HS1200 with the double braced third leg removed

Super stable and quite light compared to the regular two legged stands.1609867964511.jpeg

Also the BOA pedal is quite light because of the footblade (here it is witbout the two legs)


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Ddrum Rx is great, I don't own one but my father in law has one and it's much lighter and just as good as his 5000, significantly cheaper too. I have a 9000 and there really aren't any amazing benefits over the ddrum.


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I got a "Chromacast Value Series" 2 leg stand with a used kit deal. Very impressed with the build quality and features. Fairly light, too. Pedal folds easily and it's tension adjustable/swive-able tripod. These can be found on Amazon, ebay and Reverb. They are sold by Go DPS Music out of California, who is their exclusive importer/distributor. If you download the Free Go DPS Music app and sign up for their 99 cents per month "Membership Access" and order through the app, you get 20% off all orders and free shipping. This makes it even more appealing. Highly recommended. 99 cents per month is a small price to pay to get 20% off gear; heck it pays for years of itself in just one order. Plus, they have cool online concerts, interviews, lessons etc. Worth checking out for sure. This particular stand is $80, if you do the 20% off thing that brings it down to $64 with free shipping. You can't go wrong with that! They also make a heavier version in their "Pro" series hardware, but that thing is darn heavy! They have really cool Retro flat base stuff too, all reasonably priced, and with the 20% deal it is a great value. Not trying to be a commercial for them or anything, but I can vouch for the quality of their stuff and most people don't know about them.


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