Light up drums??


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hey guys! i have an acrylic kit and ive seen drum covers on youtube with lights in the drums that would flash when hit. Anyone know how to pull something like this off?


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Various ways of doing this. Triggers sent to a MIDI module and then into a DMX feed to lights could be fairly trivial. Alternatively, using microphones to do the same (with a little more know-how).

Personally, I'd just write the software myself but that isn't something that I recommend others trying unless they have experience!


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feed a pizo crystal into the base of a transistor...light up a light emitting diode when the crystal vibrates...mount the crystal on the inside of the drum shell and use a potentiometer to adjust the sensitivity(between the crystal and the base).

Understanding electronics is a real handy skill as a drummer...basic text book can get you pretty far.

Great link PacifRick!


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I use a different type of lighting.It's called EL wire.It comes as a finished product.You need a sequencer & the wires.The kind I have now is a sound sensitive sequencer.When I strike the drumset,the drums light up & goes off individually.EL wire doesn't emit heat & looks like neon.


It was Light up Drummers in my day
Smoke enough and get some one to set fire to your jacket, or the lighter fuel on the pinstripes... Wooosh
Light up drums



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I picked up 2 15 ft multi color led strips, and a sound activated controller with power supply. It isn't specifically for the drums, but could be adapted. They have multiple modes that can be set with an IR remote. The controller also has a sensitivity adjustment knob. We use them as back lights when we play with each strip wrapping around the back and sides of the stage. The total setup cost about $50 on Amazon.


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Sellotape some of those light-up sketchers shoes.
The vibrations should set them off ;)