Life, Keith Richards


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I am reading this book. About 2/3 thru it so far. Keith loves Charlie Watts!!! So far, he has said nothing of Steve Jordan but you can see why SJ is in Xpensive Winos. I dig this book. I have so much respect for KR....not that I didn't before, but WOW! He IS The Rolling Stones. Read this book!


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Yeah, it is a good read. The more I read about Charlie, the more I am impressed by the man. They all had an amazing Life!



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Has anyone else read this best seller yet?


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Has anyone else read this best seller yet?

No.....but all weekend I knew there was something I wanted to do and for the life of me, couldn't recall what it was.

This thread is a timely reminder.....get that damn book!!

Glad you're enjoying it. I'm looking forward to the read.


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A friend offered me his copy when he's done with it.

I should call him and see if he's finished.

Thanks for the reminder