"Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans" - Leaving music for a while


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When I was in the Army, I was in a great originals band with three neat guys, doing the sort of music I'd always wanted to play and write, making money, making CDs. Then then inevitable happens - I had orders to move. They had plenty of heads-up time to make plans, and we had a massive three-hour sendoff gig-slash-party at the same venue where we did our very first gig. I'm still friends with all of them, almost fifteen years later.


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Jon, I'm sorry to hear of the collateral damage, but it's for the best of reasons, & clearly appreciated by your bandmates. You've exercised sound judgement in reordering your priorities, & I'd expect no less from a guy of your character depth.

Your band is / was the focus of your passion, but it's not the foundation - that stays in place. As you know, I have recent experience of having to take difficult & disappointing decisions based on the twists of life & priority reordering. Despite the loss, taking the right decision for the right reasons gets comfortable real quick. In my case, it's taken a year of work to resolve the situation (plus a bit more to go yet), so that prolongs / stalls the healing process. If you keep the transition clean, friendly, & supportive, it will feel good in the sunset of your association.


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Thank you for your input, Andy (and again everyone in this thread that's taken the timel!!) I appreciate it.

Slight update in that we have initial arrangements for the final gig. It's happening in my favourite London venue on the 24th August, the place has one of the best sound systems and engineers I've experienced and I've loved that place, played a lot of gigs there the last few years.

So much so I can tell you the security code for the green room door off the top of my head.

We're also going to launch our latest single and our band are are currating the whole evening, so we should be able to invite our own support acts.

Also, I may break my rule of no more than one pint before a show as at midnight I also turn 36.

Very touched the band are doing this, going to be one hell of a final show together and pretty sure I'll have a very sore head the next morning.

Should be announced soon, important hospital appointment this week and my partner and I can be a little more open.
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