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hi all. new guy here. jsut thought i would post about a little-known brand of microphones from euorpe called lewitt microphones. ive used several brands of mics over the last 20 years, and to my ears, these lewitts are top! the bass drum mic (DTP 340 rex) has a built-in attenuator which can accent the highs and lows from within the mic itself. and their 340TT tom/snare mics are great little mics for their price range!! :D 5knuckleparadiddle_59726486_118394672456323_4085566174205273594_n.jpg5knuckleparadiddle_59491929_343293812998439_6281849923752466816_n.jpg

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Welcome to the Family and thanks for your post.

I remember my Sweetwater Audio rep telling me about the new line of Lewitt microphones back in 2013. She was really impressed by their line, especially the DTP340 REX. if memory serves me I Think I inquired here on DW to see if anyone had hands-on experience at that time with them.

Good to know you're pleased with them.