Let's see your POV/ Driver's seat pics


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Yamaha Absolute Hybrid Maple - Vintage Natural
20" x 16" Bass (Evans Emad batter/Custom head on front)
12" x 8" Rack (Coated Emperor over Clear Ambassador on all toms)
14" x 13" Floor
16" x 15" Floor
14" x 5" Ludwig Black Beauty (Coated Ambassador over Ludwig snare side)
Paiste Dark Energy cymbals + Paiste PSTX Swiss Thin
Yamaha FP9 Direct Drive pedal (Although the beater shown has been switched for another, more durable option.)
Various mix of Yamaha and DW Flat Based hardware.
And lest we forget the all important wrist bands and gig towel for removing sweat from one's brow when needed.

Those Paistes look tasty!


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first gig of our annual Eagles Club Holiday tour:


our bass player trying to upstage te 55 Ludwigs...

and the community Wind Ensemble getting ready for the Christmas shows

my "first act" station
those are 70's era Vistalite concert toms, and the snare was custom made for me by our tymp player

looking down the section. lots of fun stuff to play with!!

my "second half" area...some tymps, ten bass and snare

the community group will play 3 shows this weekend to about a total of 2000 people

so many gigs coming up all of te sudden...almost back to normal!!!


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Here is a little kit , that ai originally had commissioned for rehearsals and small room gigs . It is such a fantastic kit , it has become my favourite kit I own these days . The drums are steambent flame maple made by Gary Posey of Summit drums . These are made to a similar method as Craviotto . I am also a fan of the original Noble and Cooley Star series drums which had steambent maple short stack Toms.
I went that route with this kit as well . A truly fantastic kit that may be of the best build quality I have ever experienced.
Sizes are :
Bass - 20 x 10
Rack 12 x 6
Floor 14 x 7

The snare pictured is my former Noble and Cooley Fractal 14 x 5” steambent maple .

Cymbals are Paiste 602 and Signature


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