Let's see your POV/ Driver's seat pics


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Thanks! In the other thread they looked much bigger than 12 and 13, but maybe because of the lens or their depth. Nice setup!


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Thanks! In the other thread they looked much bigger than 12 and 13, but maybe because of the lens or their depth. Nice setup!
Thanks! it might have been ~70% aspect ratio to get everything in the shot they are 90’s Superstars


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I’m exploring the use of two hi-hats. If I stick with it, I’ll need another sizzle clutch. (Yes, bandmates love the “no ride cymbal” sound).

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Just received my Pearl RH2050, installed it a bit, I lack an arm and a clamp and I should be good but I have tried it and the lack of lag is really impressive! Very nice set up by the way.


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I’ve been playing a rehearsal kit with a tiny bass drum, a Pearl maple floating shell snare (that needs repair), and 1960s Zildjian hats that sound great.



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That is a tiny kick alright! I bet it sounds great tho, does it not? I haven't heard a lousy-sounding DW design drum!
It has a short, solid punch for an 18" drum, but nothing compared to 22" or larger.


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direct view from my kit on sunday night, not a lot to see............well, there is......depends on what you're looking for/at :p



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How do you like playing the tiny kit?
It’s there for young students (Elementary & middle school) of the guitarist (he teaches music in that space pictured), so it’s gotta be small. The throne is some Gibraltar model stuck at its lowest position, so I bring my own. The 10” Tom sings. The 14” Tom sings but needs new heads, and it doesn’t raise up very high. I barely play the toms in this situation. The kick has no real low end, but serves as a musical note. I suppose I could make it sound better, but it’s not my deal atm. I only mucked with the snare ‘cuz it needed a new batter head badly (I had a slightly used Genera batter). The reso head is torn and the wires are missing strands. The strainer butt is dangling by one mount/screw and the reso side is missing a lug bolt.

The shining star of the kit are those hats. Very chocolatey with a pleasant tone.


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I thought that kick was the 16 incher; the 18 kick packs a NICE punch, the 22s are the best ive ever had...i must be lucky...i have spare parts...heads, wires, nuts,bolts,screws,hoops...i have been playing for 45 years so i guess stuff piles up