Let's see your POV/ Driver's seat pics


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As the 15x10 will be sold and I finally completed the transformation from gold to chrome hardware on the 10x4,5 cast aluminum snare, it was time for a new shot.

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That's the first time I can recall hearing the Meinl Byzance series played in that kind of musical context, and they fit beautifully--I have to admit, I wouldn't have thought they would, but they surely do.

I agree! :D

With the guitar, organ, and often harmonica, there are a lot of frequencies at work. The Byzance series cymbals sit in the right range.


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Not the best pic... but tried something different today and scaled down. Only to realize after a hour that I'm putting everything back the next rehearsal hehe. Story of my life though: i scale down, but eventually get everything back in. But this does force me to readjust the setup and really spent some time getting it right next time. Anyway, here's the pic!

2021-06-25 14.55.47.jpg
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