Let's see your POV/ Driver's seat pics

Traditional Grip

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Sonor Martini - Champagne Sparkle
14" Mapex Steel Piccolo Snare
Aquarian/Evans heads

13" Agazarian hi hats paperthin weight (Excellent "Chick", terrible sounding with closed and hit with stick, luckily I don't play many backbeats)
16" Agazarian crash, paperthin weight
18" Dream Crash/Ride, tape on uderside to calm down the wash a bit
19" Soultone Natural Unlathed Flat Ride (Best $100 I ever spent, sounds exactly like a "Turk" cymbal from any Turkish brand)

Sakae Flat-based Hi hat stand
Vintage flat-based cymbal stands
Tama Iron Cobra Jr. Pedal

I have been tweaking the setup for a while now and am finally pleased with it. I want to upgrade the hi hats and maybe sell the Dream and get an Istanbul.

Thanks for looking!



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Last week I replaced my two main crashes which were cracked, they were 17" and 19" K Dark Thins. The replacements are 20" and 19" HHX Stage Crashes.



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Mapex Armory in Photon Blue: 10", 12", 14" toms, 14 Snare, 20x16 Bass Drum.

Cymbals: Zildjian 13" New Beat hats, 18" A med-thin crash, 20" A Custom ping ride, Sabian 16" AA studio crash, Wuhan 10" splash ($20 on ebay, thought it would sound like crap, actually sounds fantastic).



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Tama starclassic performer birch. Paistie Sig., Zil. K crashes, new beat hats, and AAX omni ride.



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New here, been lurking for years though, and feel like I know some of you personally after all I've read. Figured I can take opportunity to post to a thread, finally.

anyway...My new Yamaha Stage Custom birch. This was a photo OP for the fresh heads actually. Replaced factory batters with Evans G2 (coated , obviously). These heads ARE as awesome as everything I've read. (so thanks all).





Keeping it simple with a 12, 14, 16, 22 set up. Changed out that controlled sound for a coated ambassador and I'm running coated emperors over coated ambassadors on the toms, coated powerstroke 3 over coated Ludwig Weathermaster head on bass with a 2" felt strip against the reso. I'll be changing the powerstroke 3 and the emperors to coated ambassadors soon, love the open sound I get!

Cymbals are 14" New Orleans hats, 17" K Hybrid crash, and 22" Impression Smooth ride.



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Here is my Pearl VBA in Dynamite Burst. I have it stored in a practice space where i once a month play with a guitar player (some own work, Rush and Dream Theater tunes) just for fun. Great sounding and looking kit!

22x18 Clear Emad/Stock reso head
10x7 Clear Ambassador/Stock reso head
12x8 Clear Ambassador/Stock reso head
16x14 Clear Ambassador/Stock reso head
14x5.5 EC1 Reverse Dot/Stock reso head

All Zildjian cymbals
16" Oriental China Trash (first pic is a 16" A Medium Thin Crash, but this pic is nicer and i don't use it anymore. Used it again during that session, but put the china back in)
18" K Custom Dark Crash
14" A New Beat Hi-hat
10" Oriental China Trash
19" K Dark Thin Crash
18" A China Low

Tama Iron Cobra hi-hat stand and double Power Glide pedal. Vic Firth 5B's and Nova 5B's for sticks (trying out the Nova's, but the difference in weight of a pair is huge)



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Tama Artstar II custom shop:

8x8, 12x9, 16x15, 20x18

Pearl Custom Classic 1-ply snare:


Paiste Colorsound 900:

18", 19", 20" crashes
20" ride
14" hihat (top cymbal on back order)
10" splash