Let's see your POV/ Driver's seat pics


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my baby...

Ddrum reflex 5 piece
Zildjian A custom Hi Hats
Zildjian A custom 16" Crash
Zildjian A custom 20" medium ride
Remo coated emperors on toms
Emperor X on snare

I need an 18" crash, or two (don't we all) but it's getting there

This looks remarkably like Mike McQuilken's kit. Saw it being played live and the white on white in a live setting is brilliant.

I'd love to actually sort My kit out properly but I don't have the cash :/


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Pardon the questionable quality of my composite cellphone pic... Hard enough to snap a pic standing on the throne.


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Hi fellow drummers, I'm kind of new here so i'll post what I am dealing with.
Nothing too crazy here in my "rehearsal room"

Birch 22" 10" 12" 14"
Brass 14"x5" Snare

Mostely Jazz some funk, some fusion and whatever else comes my way.



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Your rehearsal space is a cinema? Interesting!

Its the dubbing stage where I work and its a very comfortable room.
The only downside is that I have to tape some cloth to the heads after I practice or you can hear it resonate while mixing.

Here is a front view despite the threads title


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is this a Euphonix mixing board?? Phew... someone must have some serious money ;-)
Really a cool place to practice drums, haha.


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is this a Euphonix mixing board?? Phew... someone must have some serious money ;-)
Really a cool place to practice drums, haha.

Its a Harrison Series12, a very, very nice console and more standard here than Euphonix

That "someone" is unfortunately not me... It also takes a very long time to get that money back in.

gaz farrimond

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The set up I'm using with The Waterboarders.

Oak Customs: 22", 13" & 16" with Tama 14"x6" metalworks snare. Sabian cymbals, 14" AA hats, 18" & 19" AAX-plosion crashes, 21" Omni and 22" SR2.



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[/IMG]So here is what I get to look at !
Roland TD20 x 2
Roland SPDS
Roland Handsonic 15
DW 9002

This is my live and recording set up. Very portable, and most sound guys love it !


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And this would be my little acoustic kit !
6in,8in,10in,12in,15in,16in, concert toms (all on left side)
12in,14in,16in,18in dual sided toms
2-24in kick drums
All Tama 1981 Superstars in super mahogany finish
1- 8in DW piccolo tom
7x13 DW maple snare
1-Sonor Jungle snare
2 DW 5000 pedals
1 DW 5000 remote hihat
Sabian Paragons
plus many others


The setup has already changed in the few weeks since this was taken. There is now a UFIP Bionic Splash on the second tier of that middle post and the ride has been swapped with a Bionic as well.


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Stixx n Stones

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Thats my Taye ProX

22" Bass
12" Rack Tom
14" Floor
14" Pearl Steel Shell Snare

14" paragon hi-hats
15" A custom Crash
19" AAX china
10" xs20 splash
20" Old AA ride? maybe?
DW9000 doublebass


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Oh well, have not been active here for a while but what the heck.

Sonor 3007 in White Sparkle.

10", 12", 14" and 22" dimensions

PS: If you guys know where i can get a SONOR 3007 16" Floor tom in White sparkle please let me know! Thanks!

Sabian Vault Artisan 15" hi hats
Zildjian A-custom 10" or 12" splash (can't remember)
Sabian SR2 16" Crash
Sabian HHX 21" Groove Ride
Sabian HHX 14" Evolution chinese
Sabian HHX 17" Prototype Crash

Tama Iron Cobra hi hats
Tama Iron Cobra (w/cobra coil) double pedals
LP Cowbell
Gibraltar Throne
Sonor, dixon and pearl hardware.
Zildjian Anti Vibe 7/5 B sticks
PELTOR earmuffs
Evans G1 on snare, Evans G2s coated on Toms