Let's see your kits with side snares


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I'm finally done (famous last words). My overhaul of my drums and cymbals is now complete with my long delayed side snare finally arriving.

Let's see your side snare setups!

Full Rig.jpeg


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I'd say you have more than one option for a side snare...

Also, (screaming at the heavens) why must the first reply on this thread be a kit on a rack? Just when I thought I was done, I immediately want to put all of it on a rack!

Steady Freddy

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Using a A&F 6.5 X 10 at the moment. I also use a 6.5 X 12.


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Man that's some reaching around to reach some of the side snares. I think my back would snap in two and my head roll off in a corner. I wouldn't mind a little 12 in piccolo snare that I could snug in right beside my main snare. I'm lazy, old and stiff so ergonomics of an easy reach means a lot. My main is a 13X7 so a shallow one would really add a counter snare voice that would be cool. Now planted a seed, next a want, then it grows into I gotta have one.