Let's see your kick drum art!


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As I was printing out a new decal for my first gig in a long time rejoined with my band, I realized that I have seen a number of really snazzy bits of bass drum head art here over the years, but never in one thread. So I'll go first.

Here's the decal fresh off the printer. I'll get another shot of it in a bit when it goes on the kick. Where's yours?

EDIT: My studio isn't heated when I'm not in it. Let's hope this stays on!


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I had a few t-shirts printed, so I just put one of them in the bass drum. Helps with the muffling as well :)



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Big fan of DrumArt. Here's an older one. The best "match" of a kit and concept I ever had.

This is my current one. The theme is to match the banner logo. The vintage mic just adds a nice touch.

This is one of the earlier ones. Around 2008. The theme here was using the bands original art 'headphone man' with a shattered glass background to match the Silver Slate Sparkle Renown finish.

This was made to match existing band art but the translation didn't work so well with the kit.


Haven't done it yet, but I want to send an image of one of my dad's paintings to DrumArt and have a bass drum head made.



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May be changing the band name shortly as I am the only original member left.

Kept my original design simple. The 3 hours hand cutting it out was not so simple.....



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Back when Pork Pie used to do made-to-order work outside of drum sets, my wife had this made for me. I'm pretty sure Bill Detamore made it himself.



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Here's one for the 50's band. Printed on two sheets of A3 paper, then cut out the star shape and glued on with cheap paper glue. You can't see the seam in normal light from a distance. Cost nothing!



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I designed this image based on taking a hi-res picture of my bass player's great-uncle's badge from when he was in the service (here in NJ). I fixed the image so it had "L" "H" in it for our band name. This head was produced by DrumArt - great company, I highly recommend them.



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A friend of the band did this for me, about a weeks worth by hand. Looks great backlit !
Remove the mic, and the sound hole looks like it could almost pass for a moon ? heh