Let's see your Halloween gig costume


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After being a bit on the fence about what to wear this year I decided on my dressed-like-a-stoopid-human-wearing-a-super-grover-costume costume, although this wobbly ballooned white sausage on my shoulders doesn't look even close to a real human. Total fake. But yeah, what to expect from wish...


Jeremy Crockett

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Awesome! I wear a full length black leather trench coat with combat boots and carry a machete with mine. You got an outfit for yours?

When I bought this mask I didnt realize how scared people are of clowns. Like adults running for their lives type scared.
A white coverall stained with "blood" and dirt, accessorized with boots and a prop ax.

The scary clown thing is fun.


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Because I'm lazy.. I'm wearing my black country-rock shirt (ya know with the white embroidery on the chest thing).. a red bandana on neck (or head if I can't find a good hat).. and a pair of glasses with those googly eyes!

Anything to avoid makeup on my face!


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here is mine


oh wait....this is my regular civilian get up...