Let's see your C&C Drums


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I can't believe I haven't posted mine here yet! Here's my C&C's

Custom Maple Shells, BnB Edges, Tube Lugs with a Two-Tone Turquoise/Broken Glass Finish. She (Tiffany) looks GORGEOUS under stage lights. 24/14/13/16/18

I routinely get compliments on it's sound and look from every audio engineer I work with.

Full gallery here.




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Any of you bought the c&c kit in their european website?
I'm from Spain and I'm thinking in buying one.
Just want to know how it worked.


Ok, since I’ve now joined the elite ranks of C&C players I thought I’d post in this thread, even though last one is from over a year ago. 😂0CFC640F-5058-4411-838F-A7D9B102A5E7.jpegEEDF8881-0334-41E2-8FB2-E5B86A46A7FB.jpegEEDF8881-0334-41E2-8FB2-E5B86A46A7FB.jpeg
My wife got me this kit as my Christmas gift. Over the moon about it, been gushing over C&C for at least 4 years so this really made my decade. Sound as beautiful as they look.