Lesson ideas for Dyslexic Children?


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Hey guys,
I'm a teaching assistant in a school for dyslexic children and the head of the unit has asked me to prepare a class on drumming.
I was thinking of going for something simple with this such as playing a few interesting rhythm games etc. Hopefully something that will be fun for them as they have a hard time keeping their attention for long.
I was gonna start off with some simple counting exercises and go from there.
The school has a small selection of basic percussion items, woodblocks, triangles and such.
Any ideas from you guys would be much appreciated!

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I'd like to see some of those ideas as well.

I have ADD (no, "H" I'm pretty mellow :) ) and although not diagnosed w/ Dyslexia I suspect I could have it to a degree (a few of my family members have it).

My lack focus has been a huge struggle. Learning tricky grooves are not an issue it's the lack of concentration and focus to stay in the moment.


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How old are the children?

I have conducted percussion workshops for young children and one of the activities was to play along to a melody they were familiar with (e.g. Ba Ba Blacksheep). The children simply tap their percussion instrument to the melody.

Other ideas can be found on the LP site:


Good luck (or as your dyslexic students might say good "cluk"!)



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I have had several students that had Dyslexic. I got rid of the sheet music..we played by ear. Both are amazing drummers and musicians.
The sheet music was interesting rarely the was the same thing played twice. They both had a get ear for music. Denis