Les DeMerle: How Did You Get Your Break?

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Les DeMerle: How Did You Get Your Break?

SKF NOTE: Les DeMerle's interview appears in the October 1984 Modern Drummer. The back story is here.

Scott K Fish: What are some of the common questions you're asked at clinics?

Les DeMerle: One of the questions I'm asked alot is, "How did you get your break?" That's a good question.

You really have to be interested in music first. Alot of guys will spend nine hours a day writing their resume and an hour a day practicing. Do your musical homework first. Have your credentials right. Have a good tape. Be on top of the auditions. Show up on time. Look as well as you can.

It's unbelieveable. I hire many musicians to work as sidemen. And no matter how well they play as musicians, if they come to the gig dressed sloppily, it still bugs me. I come from the school where, if you take a Saturday night gig, and you're going to hit at nine o'clock and be paid well, you should show up on time and look right.

Alot of this has to do with the attitude of playing.

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Love Les, the consummate busy drummer. This goes back 40 years, but among many musicians, the joke was 'the Les DeMerle, the better!'

Saw him at the Chicago Show a few years ago and he played his butt off!