Legs always feel sore


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can anyone give me some insight on my problem?

i lift weights once a week on mondays and dont practice until thursdays to give my muscles time to recuperate...squats are one of my exercises....i also work construction so im constantly walking up and down stairs, moving heavy material around, and just bending down and up all the time leaving my legs pretty tired at the end of the day......then when i go to play the double bass (which im trying to get as fast as i can and working on my control) my legs are always sore and keep me back from my true potential....im trying to get my feet faster and my bandmates always say "use ankle weights when you play" which doesnt seem right in my mind because why would i put extra strain on my legs when theyre already sore enough lol
anyone have any advice or suggestions? thanks everyone


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didn't you post on this exact topic a month or so ago? i doubt the answers will change too much in a month.
sore legs can also do with your kit ergonomics - throne height, distances between pedals...etc.


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Beg to differ, but you most certainly did: http://www.drummerworld.com/forums/showthread.php?t=114522

But that aside. You don't say how much time you're actually spending playing drums.

Does "and dont practice until thursdays to give my muscles time to recuperate" mean your time spent on a kit is not all that regular? If you're only playing for a few hours a week then perhaps you need to do more? All exercises ain't created equal. If you want to build up endurance on a drum kit then you've gotta do drum kit related tasks, not lifting weights etc.


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i take that back then, i completely forget i had posted that so my apologies...although this question is specifically asking about soreness in legs


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i lift on mondays and don't do any type of drumming until thursday....and by then i play practice thursday, practice with the band friday, practice saturday, and practice with the band sunday....i do agree with you that i should be practicing much more than i should....but even when i'm intensely practicing, my legs do get sore from pushing myself to the limit....when that happens shouldn't i rest so my legs have a chance to rest, or do i press on and play through the soreness?

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Seems like you're overworking your legs. Stop squatting and practice drums everyday. Every few days isn't really going to get you anywhere too quickly.


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DO NOT use ankle weights, especially if you play heel up. The weight from them pushes against your feet, and can cause extra stress on the ankle every time you lift your leg. I tried using them religiously for about a month, wore them everywhere including work, and all they did was cause undue pain and discomfort in my ankles.

You want blazing feet? Here is the secret: practice your ass off. When I was playing in a band (8 years, death metal) I would practice 2+ hours a day, and this was after working in a warehouse each day where I walked an average of 10 miles and it was 100+ degrees in the summer. The ankle weights helped none, working out helped none, energy boosters and drugs (yellow jackets, no-doze, mini-thins; not the drugs most are probably thinking of. I don't condone those either) helped none. The only thing that helped was practice. Stay hydrated, eat well, and get plenty of sleep. If you do it everyday it will become a normal thing and your legs will become used to it.


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These days I have been bike commuting 20 miles round trip, so it isn't a problem. In the past I've needed to stretch my psoas... Pso as....

It seems to go right for the hihat muscle groups.


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I didn't go back and read your original post (that you didn't post), but where are you sore, and what kind of pain? Dull? Sharp? Shooting?