Leedy 4 sale bargain or poop ?


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Hi All

I know nothing about leedy drums. a part from a mid price ($500) snare on one stores website.

So I was a bit surprised to see a leedy kit for $100 !! on our version of craigslist.

"Very new drum for sale



So the question is...has leedy lost its once strong reputation ( and become cheep gear)...or should I be burning a hole in the tarmac to get to it ?



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It's 100$ but without the spurs. :) or mounted backwards probaby.

I don't know. Www.leedydrums.com says they were created in 1895 so their products MUST be great. ;)
But the ride and tom angles suggest the contrary.


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Hmmm I posted this thread today and its dissapeared from todays threads...no biggy as I answered my own question however

!/ It may act as information for someone else who comes across a cheap leedy drum.

2/ Its annoying when you start a thread in good faith and somehow it "disapears" of the edge of the earth, without a reason why....its very dispiriting and has happened a few times to me.

Perhaps my threads are crap, but I have seen worse....and I am trying to be a good member, rather than throwing bile at other people all the time ( I person exepted) !!


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My reply probably made it implode :)
The review is not disastrous at all. Replace heads and cymbals and it could be great value.
So are you buying it?


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Thanks for asking Picodon :) No I wont buy it, if it was a genuine "old fashioned" Leedy I would have definately had a go, but as I already have a room of drum stuff I didnt really need a "cheapy kit"

Its a bit sad when old fashioned , well regarded kits have their name stolen and as in this case ever so slightly altered to make money off someone elses "brand"

Anyway thanks again for your interest Picodon !!


Regardless of the brand name or stickers you see on kits like this, you can almost always spot the el-cheapo Chinese knockoffs just by looking at the tom mount on the bass drum. All the crappo kits have that same 2-hole bracket base that has 2 separate vertical tom mount posts with elbows reminiscent of 80's Pearl Exports instead of ball-joints of some sort on top of a single mounting post.

Those kits might indeed be suitable for a beginner, but I wouldn't pay more than $250 for one...and ONLY for a beginner. Those are at the very bottom end of the musical instrument-grade of instruments, barely a step up from the toy-grade ones.

EDIT: I'm intrigued by the cymbal pictures, however...although you can't trust colors on a computer screen, those cymbals look more like decent-quality bronze cymbals than the more yellow-orangey brass cheapies. A set of pro-level hihats & Ride or Crash might be well worth your time to make an offer to buy just the cymbals, if they turned out to be Avedis Zildjians or Sabian AA's or something. :)