Learning to play piano soon


and i'm really looking forward to it and i was curious as to who else on here started playing piano after learning to play drums and if it helped them in any big way?

i know that piano is pretty much the basis of everything so i'm counting on it helping me alot.

Kenneth Nishimoto

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Honestly, if I had to choose my "main" instrument, it would be the piano. As far as studying harmony and theory goes, the piano is pretty much the be-all-end-all of everything. Chords, interval relationships, scales, are all so simple and beautiful to visualize on the piano, and I honestly doubt that without my knowledge of the piano, I would've had the patience to go on to learn drumming, guitar, bass, etc...

The great thing about multi-instrumentalism is the ability one gains to apply techniques from different instruments to alternate uses. i.e. hand percussion has actually helped my piano technique substantially, and knowledge of the the saxophone helped me to understand good phrasing on the bass. etc...

Good luck!


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I learned piano for almost 8 years and now have a diploma in it.. don't regret it one bit and it seriously helps you alot. It helps expose you to the side of music you are not entirely related to as a drummer.

Then that helps you be more creative with the band you work with because you know about melodies and phrasing and harmonies and all the other stuff. It also helps you get a more solid timing.

Latin Groover

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What will help you the most is not to 'learn piano to make me better as a drummer.' The same mindset as why alot of drummers learn theory, because they have too. They learn all their chords, intervals etc aurally so they can pass their test etc so they can then focus on drumming again.
Learn it as a second instrument, and you will get so much more out of it.


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I started with keys about a year ago, and it's great to have an alternative, piano is a beautiful instrument. The years of drumming certainly has made the learning curve less steep also.

The Colonel

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I've been playing the piano as long as I've played the drums - albeit not with the same intensive studying. Just sitting there with a fakebook as a kid and figuring out the chords and structures gave me a better theory knowledge than most of my peers at school and about 80% of rock musicians I come across during playing.

I'll often have a keyboard at my side so I can help correct chords or throw out different change ideas.

On the other hand, I am jealous of anyone who can play the guitar even remotely decently...I have tried learning on several occassions and have all but given up on it. My fingers hate[HATE] the guitar. Wish I could play it, for writing purposes.