Learning to Build Drums


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I'm currently a performance student and love what I do but I'm looking to expand my knowledge. I want to learn how to actually build drums and I don't know how one goes about doing that. Are there programs for such? Or do you gain the prerequisite skills from art classes and what not and get an internship from a larger company? Not sure where to start. Any help is greatly appreciated.


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i've been researching a bit about drum building lately .. just ordered a 13 x 5 shell for making a snare from www.drumfoundry.com (hoping it comes in soon)

grunter's dad .. thanks for the ghostnote site .. i didn't stumble on that one yet

www.drummaker.com is another forum

and http://pdgood.us/drumshed/bearingedges.html has some cool information

most of it is based on buying keller shells and just cutting bearing edges, painting, drilling holes, and assembling hardware. but its possible to find some stuff on stave drum building .. making ply drum shells yourself seems to require a crazy amount of expensive equipment


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There is a DVD on how to do it:


I've not personally watched the DVD myself.

As for internships, given most larger companies make all/majority of their drums overseas, there I doubt there is much chance of getting an internship on the making drums process. But I suppose you could always call Ludwig and ask, as they would be your best bet.