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Friday was a strange series of events. Hopped on here, ended up reading the re-motivated thread, and then MisterZero got me thinking about Fool In The Rain. I was like "yeah, that's a great song! I should learn it someday." Which is something that I think very often, and almost just as often I end up not doing it until I forget about it. Once upon a time, my old drum teacher taught me Good Times Bad Times. Also, Zeppelin is the favorite band of my band's guitarist, so even more motivation to learn it (and then put it off and never learn it).

One thing led to another and, for extraneous reasons not worth getting in to, I ended up stapling some chickenwire underneath a mobile home while my girlfriend and ex-girlfriend watched Borat together. So after literally crawling out from under a trailer, mullet and all, we were off to the MSBOA district band festival. Between bands, I ended up perusing the swag tables set up by the local music store, and lo and behold, they had this book!


My dial-up prevents me from utilizing the you-tubes like everyone else, and I figured if I didn't get it then I would probably never amount to anything, so it was mine for $20.00.

So now I had no excuses and I jumped into Fool In The Rain. I spent most of an hour just working on the first four measures and the main shuffle measure, and the rest of it speeding/stumbling through the first page. That shuffle is tons of fun! Also, the book let me know that that beat was known as a "Purdie shuffle", so earlier today (when I had access to real internet) I came across this gem:


I shared that on facebook, and before I had the chance to propose some Zeppelin covers to my guitarist, I had both guitarists asking me to learn that video verbatim and to perform it for them.

So that is my almost-interesting story for the day. Any suggestions of what song to tackle next after I get Fool down?


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Since you're doing Fool, while you're in that headspace anyway, the next logical song would be "Roseanna" by Toto.

Roseanna, according to Jeff Porcaro's own words, is a combination of "Fool in the Rain" and Steely Dan's "Babylon Sisters", with a little Bo Diddley thrown in to really turn it into it's own thing.

So Roseanna and Babylon Sisters if you want to really go deep are my suggestions.

The half time shuffles are among the most fulfilling beats a drummer can play IMO. They just feel so damn good when you get them to flow.


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The Rosanna shuffle is a beast of a groove. I've been trying to get it up to speed for a long time. Still working on it. It's very fast and the ghost notes are spaced closely to the snare backbeat which make pulling them off smoothly a challenge.


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We turn our clocks ahead one hour last night, and your mullet turned them back 30 years


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Well I'm shocked.

Your girlfriend and ex girlfriend were on the couch together and you were goofing around with chicken wire and thinking about drumming????

What were you thinking son?