Learning Double Pedal

Hey, so I've never owned a double pedal before, however, I've played friends' ones and I'm alright at it. Finally i want to buy my own. However, i have to keep it on a REALLY low budget. So i definitely have to buy it used. I personally have found amazing deals on cymbals on guitar centers online used section. I'm think there may also be some good deals on pedals in there. Do I need to start out with a nice one to get good at it? or not.. thanks


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Firstly you need to go to a store and try a bunch of different ones to see which ones feel best to you then start looking in the used market. Craigslist, e-bay all have some great deals you just have to be patient and look.


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you don't necessarily NEED a good pedal to get the technique right but it certainly helps. A good pedal will be smoother or faster and easier to use and get used to. Having said that, if you learn to play quickly or efficiently on a bad or semi-decent pedal then it may be even better on a good pedal.

get a used DW 4000 or 7000 series if you can. Generally, DW pedals are very good.
I bought Pearl Elim. double pedal off ebay to learn on, because they have the different cams for different feels, not knowing for sure what I may/may not like. they have worked great for me and I enjoy playing the single pedal more than any of my others as well. many of the double pedals won't let you use as singles.
I got this pedal, with case, drum keys, bd practice pad and extra springs for about as much as the new "economical" models cost and am very happy I went used.


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I have a Vex myself and aside from the fact that the footboards are kinda small I like it a lot. Pulled off the third spring and it feels great.