Latin Elements - Frank Briggs


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I am working in this book now, and I wanted to say something about it here.

This is a very interesting and fun set of rhythms. He calls them Latin based, but you can use this stuff in many, many places. In addition to these being fun to play, they are essentially a different round of independence exercises. Here's the very first one. I think of Steve Gadd when I listen to stuff like this. Really loving it. Latin.PNG


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It looks like a samba!

A cool exercise you can work on when you're done with this (or before, it's a bit different in a sense) is keeping the samba ostinato with your feet and playing snare parts from a book (I like Dante Agostini's rhythmic solfeggio) with both hands, and after that keeping the samba ostinato with your feet, another ostinato with either hand, first 8ths on the ride/cowbell/woodblock, then something more intricate like a clave pattern, and play a snare part from a book using one hand only.

Cheers, and good luck!