Latest Hat creation - 15" K Dark Thin Crash over 15" Avedis


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Hey guys! Wanting to get back into 15" hats, I thought I'd try a new mismatched pair. I recently had a 15" K dark thin over a 90s new beat bottom, and I'm still kicking myself for selling that bottom. That was a great pair.

So, I got a 15" A Avedis bottom weighting 1404g. It feels some lighter than the new beat did.

Not sure if I love it yet. The top is very thin of course, but it may work out. Thoughts? I've got the old combo below it. Thanks!



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The first combination with the A Avedis bottom is my favorite, it sounds like an lighter 15" K light with the added warmth of the A Avedis. I can see this being versatile and even I would use it.

The second one ... it sounds interesting, but not the best. The New Beats bottom just throws everything off for me, I think it would work much better with an larger size (even tho they don't make larger New Beats hats so rip). Maybe if it was an 17" K Dark Thin Crash top with an 17" A Thin Crash?

Overall great creation. I love the sound the 15" K Dark Thin and 15" New Beats make together and would even use it myself.