Late 70's/early 80's Ludwig snare bearing edges? (Rock/concert model)


I have a early 1980's Ludwig 5x14" Rock/Concert snare drum that I inherited from my late grandfather. It's definitely a player's snare, but the bearing edges have so many nicks and dents in them and I never bonded with the P-87 throw off so I'm sending it off to Precision Drum Co. to have the bearing edges re-cut and a few other fixes (snare beds, drilling for a P-85, and patching holes).

I've been on and off with what kind of bearing edge that I'd like, and I've been thinking about going with a 45 degree with 1/8" countercut and the edges themselves slightly rounded over. Sort of like the Classic Maple bearing edge Ludwig cuts today.

I'm planning on using this snare for jazz - Remo coated ambassador on top, hazy ambassador on bottom; both tuned high with Puresound Custom 16-strand snares.

I'd like to know if this is a solid choice, and also what kind of bearing edges Ludwig snares had at the time.

I'm also treating this snare as a family heirloom and I'm never going to sell it, so its resale value isn't all that important to me.