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We play almost every weekend ,and we really love playing at this place.A packed lively house is the norm....Well we where supposed to start at 9,but the owner asked if we could push it back a hour,because of the Flyers playoff hockey game.No sweat...Well it was so wild in the room,we were really feeding off the crowd...It is why i play...Something about people really checking out the band ,digging the stuff..We broke out some new orignals..We were so pumped we didnt break!!!!!! . Played almost 4 hours.... Owner was happy, We got got extra loot...... I can say i had this energy that was unreal,I really felt like i could have played all night.Really...... i mean we play a mix of suff,Who,Hendix,stones,alot of High energy stuff......It was amazing night....... This first cup of joe taste good..... Neck is a little sore,but its all good......We have a gig tonight,that will be hard pressed to match...............Id love to hear others stories,by some of you,At your gigs..Good or bad....I wont forget last night it was Outstanding!!!! I love playing drums.The power we provide to the song can never be ???????????? Just had to share........ Rock on Brothers........


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Dude, you had one of those nights that made you high on the music. I so wish that would happen every night, what a great feeling.


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I approach my day gig the same way as my night gig. Great things will happen and we get "excited" etc.......and also bad/or miserable things will happen and we get a low feeling. I try to always know that BOTH will happen at any time and to keep the "feelings" meter in the middle.

Not every gig (or work day) will be the ultimate can ALWAYS play your a$$ off and have the same amount of fun every night. The crowd gives us energy.......but there are no crowds at rehearsals and we dig those, right?

I wish I could have been at your gig!!!


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hey man that's a nice and a valid thing to talk about, like why are we doing this?!, and how great it is when the music kicks in like it did for you.

my story for ya comes from when an original band i was in just couldn't seem to break through, in NYC, and reluctantly scheduled our last gig at a club that was and is well known, where national acts would play on the weekends.

we weren't breaking up because of conflicts or drama, and there was such a good vibe among the band members and our audience, that from the very first note, i was like..."oh s*!*!...this is gonna be bigger than all of us"...

the grateful dead had a phrase for it- the "x factor", or when the whole takes on a life of it's own that is far and away greater than the sum of the individual parts. probably there's a thread about it here somewhere.

i knew what it felt like when girls were pulling their hair out listening to the beatles, it was that exciting. and it was something everyone else in the club was feeling too. the bar owner said, "this is the best band that ever walked through the doors! my skin was crawlin the whole time." and there were many remarks just like that, from many people.

don't get me wrong, it didn't make us reunite. but for me it was just as you described, such a great experience, that i'm always grateful to be a drummer and to be able to participate in something as big as music.
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I know.. Don't you hate these nights that have soooo many people in the club that you can hardly hear yourself think? The dance floor is soooo packed that you can't see and relate to the people sitting in their seats trying to watch the show.. There are soooo many people that the PA has to be turned up and you have to hit your drums harder than usual! Yea... I hate those nights..



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I just had one of those gigs myself last night. One of the most fun shows I've ever done.

I achieved "that state"... where you play well and are giving the crowd more (shouting and hollerin')... You know, it just felt great the whole time, spine tingling and everything. videos to come.

What made it more special was that it was the first time where I promoted and put on the show with my girlfriend a two stage event that packed out!

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Congratulations Customs. There really is no better feeling. That effort you've been putting in suddenly pays off. It's a very very cool place to be. I've had a couple of similar gigs recently too. The best high ever.


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Thanks guys........Reflecting on it a little more,..........When you play for a packed house as we did,just took us to that zone that no rehearsal can give THAT kind of feeling..Not saying i dont get joy from playing at rehearsal, But................It was a o wow gig.......


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It's a thrill to play for any crowd, but it's a bigger thrill to play for friends and family who are able to stop in and watch...that's what last night was for's a whole other level!

Glad you all had fun!



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I had a great gig last night. We had a sub in for our fiddle player so that always keeps things on edge, but this guy NAILED IT. He was playing songs he had never even heard before, and my jaw was dropped. He also would just throw in 3 part harmonies on top of everything (high tenor voice). It was really insane to see a sub just come in and totally own it. Stage presence too. The sad thing is this guy has a really high paying corporate job and doesn't want to play music fulltime. Our show was really insane too. For whatever reason we showed up at the bar and the streets were closed down because of the GAY PRIDE PARADE! The club didn't let us know about that. The parade was from 9-10 and we started playing right at 10 on the outside stage and everybody was coming into the club. It was absolutely mobbed. Most of the people from the parade had been outside all day and couldn't make it till 2, but luckily one of the bartenders that works at the club got married that day and rolled into the bar with at least 50 people and they went nuts. (I think they had a free tab) I thought that was a huge compliment that a bartender that sees us play ALL THE TIME came to see us on her wedding day and then rocked out with us.

I'm glad we had a good show to go out on because we leave for tour on wednesday, and I think the energy and good vibes will continue on tour.