"Last minute" gig- this is funny

Concrete Pete

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Hey Crew,

I was in Chico tonight for band practice with my band The Long Road this evening, and my cell phone rang about 8:30 P.M.(Two hours into practice)
I normally turn my phone off before practice, so as not to disturb the jam. Well, I answered it and lo and behold- it was my old band L.C. (we parted ways in January) damn near begging me to do a last-minute fill-in for the band tonight in Chico, since their "newest drummer" couldn't make it. (They've been thru 13 drummers since I left)

I said "Sure, but I can't do it for less than $100, and I'll need someone to pack my stuff and help me set it up". (heh heh!) Done deal. We played 2-1/2 hours, all went well (except for the few EX-band members giving me nervous looks all night) and we shut down at 11:00.

Got my $100 cash after the 1st set (as requested) and another $12.00 from the tip jar at the end of the gig. Found out the gig only paid $150.00, so I made a HELLUVA lot more money than the rest of the band, just to get the gig done. Ho-hum....
Just goes to show you that people are really funny when it comes to band stuff.

Oh, and I got 4 free beers, and made them load my gear in my truck after the gig, too!

Rock on,
C. P.