Laser Black: replicating an obscure finish?


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I have a Mapex Saturn kit in Laser Black finish that I got off ebay, 12 13 16 18 24 and a 14x6 snare. I'd really like a 10" tom but the finish hasn't been made since 2007 and you don't see many drums with that finish around.

For the uninitiated, here's what it looks like (not my kit, just an example from the internet):

Apparently it's a lacquer finish, not a wrap. Does anyone know if there's anyone out there who could somehow replicate this look, or come close? Currently I have a 10" snare masquerading as a tom but the real thing would be preferable.


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The trouble is, a photo doesn't really do it have to see how it reacts to light to know what it looks like. It's a bit like the underside of a CD, except a sparkle/glitter finish rather than grooves.

My kit is actually visible in this video (it's got a bit of a history), and you can see how the sparkle looks in a few shots. Do you think they'd be up for something like this?


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Send them this photo and explain it to them. They will tell you no if they can't do it.


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Have you contacted Mapex directly? There's no telling what they might be able to do or what they still have lying around.


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With a proper photo Bumwraps can come very close
I had been told that Bumwraps cannot do 'glitter' style finishes. I have a suspicion that they're using a high quality industrial direct-jet or dye-sublimation printer to make their product.

This may have changed though.


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It can be done, bring one drum to a good body shop or even a boat painter. A craft store like Micheals sell a wide variety of glitter, it may take a few try's to find the right size particles and the right colour mix, after that it is not hard to do.
I did a '51 Slingerland concert King snare this way. Turned out fantastic on my first attempt.

I also could not still photo it, I did a short video and it shows off the flip flop colour in the sparkles.