Lars was right...

Cmdr. Ross

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Mainstream artists release videos shot with a hand held, pro-sumer aesthetic, mainstream artists are pushed heavily on YouTube and Tik-Tok.
People will tell you this or that artist 'made it' while being DIY and screwing the system, but when you drill down it is plain to see they've had big business and millions of dollars behind them from early on.
They are still talented artists, but they aren't products of DIY independence.
Well said.
Sadly, it seems it's getting harder & harder to quickly differentiate those who actually did get there on their own & those that were planted "on the down-low".
Now it takes a while to get it & by the time you do, they've made the money round.
Oh well...

Cmdr. Ross

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Don't think I'd ever spend that much on obsolete technology.
It may be, but I for one still have all my physical media. Vinyl, CD's DVD's etc. are all still in very well organized racks. Mainly because streaming isn't always reliable & if your internet goes out, so does your entertainment.
The last thing I want to do is become completely dependent on someone else sending me my entertainment.


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Don't think I'd ever spend that much on obsolete technology.
so, I was and maybe still am an avid downloader of music, movies, etc. but i recently got into vinyls in the last few years.

before my wife was laid off during covid from a big box store, we took advantage of her corporate discount and built a massive theater system for my record player. it was grossly over $400USD.


Chris Whitten

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Don't think I'd ever spend that much on obsolete technology.
It's NOT obsolete. There are many new CD players available, both affordable and high-end audiophile. CD's are still sold in their millions each year, and as mentioned above, with streaming you are beholden to the artist, their label and the streaming service. If an artist decides they don't like Spotify, you will no longer have access to their music. This HAS happened before multiple times.


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There's 3 sets of Klipsch speakers, Advent IIs, Baby Advents, a set of Epi speakers, a Rotel amp, Carver receiver, 2 turntables (BIC & Tecnics) within eyesight of my recliner. Only 2 of these is hooked up, lol. I'm a waste.
But they were all on sale, so why not?