Larry's Snare Giveaway Pt 2: The Fallout


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Drats and double drats.

While I am bummed I didn't win. Im no dick about it. Congrats everletty so much of luck.

Maybe next time.

PS. If anybody else wants to give away something to somebody who has probably the worst kit in the world. You are welcome to send it my way.


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I'm betting everletty is a 60 year old multi-millionaire. ;-) Congrats dude/dudette, I know you'll do Mike proud!

And special thanks to Mike and Larry and Andy. The drum give-away was the best Christmas present I've gotten in a long time. As with the guy who swiped my car and left the note on it - it's nice to know that the greater bulk of humanity isn't what you see on the nightly news.

Note to everletty, the one-post-wonder: when you're not practicing, doing homework or loving your new snare, you'd better be on Drummerworld! I expect 15,000 posts in about three years! Haga!

Merry Christmas to all!


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Hey mike and everyone
First of all thank you. This is the nicest gift I've gotten in years. I will cherish that snare like it's my own newborn! Also I can assure everyone, including smoke, that I am indeed a 16 year old. Also I can assure you that I will in fact be spending as much as my time as I can on here cause I'm always wanting to learn more about drumming! To be honest I didn't expect to actually win I just kinda felt like it'd be nice to get my story out, so really I wasn't quite expecting an exeptance speech. If it gives you any idea of how excited I am I ran around my moms house jumping around exclaiming that I had just won a beautiful snare drum. My mother and sister looked at me like I was nuts. Again mike thank you oh so much for this snare drum and good luck to everyone else in future contest!
Merry Christmas!


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Congratulations everletty!
And way to go Mike. It's great you let a brand new member in on the fun. Spread the love brother.


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Congrats everletty! Even more kudos to Larry and Mike, people I've never met and probably never will, but through this forum and random acts, you simply get to know and appreciate.
To the grinches and naysayers, just know that you don't have to understand 'rules' or motives to recognize generosity. If you read posts and get to know people on here, you learn to recognize them as authentic, rather than suspect.
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Congrats on those who have received and best wishes to those who have given. It's just wonderful to see humanity bloom in a positive way.