Larry's Snare Giveaway Pt 2: The Fallout


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It's not weird at all. It's a very kind series of events from generous people.

Suggest you read the thread, as it's all quite simple and may even spread a bit of joy.
100% captured the spirit of this :)


Who had the worst current snare
If that were the qualifier, I can assure you I would win.

As for brown-nosing, I think that's a rather 'crappy' way to look at it. If you can look at the prospect of getting a fantastic gift and realize you don't particularly need/want it, that seems to me like it has promoted some self-awareness if nothing else. As I touched on in the other thread, this smoking competition in which I had no business being apart of helped me realize certain things I probably hadn't given credence to before.

Think about it as a way for one to express generosity and promote happiness, reciprocating gratitude and thankfulness between people who may very well never meet in person; a truly mutual benefit with great intentions. Not some sort of conspiracy to get self serving back pats by some nefarious egomaniac.

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I'm not looking for anyone to blow smoke up my @arse, just anything compelling. Even just someone whose posts tend to be interesting. Not sure how I won Larry's snare. You'd have to ask him.

@sshole? Fine. Consider yourself a front-runner, then!

See how that works? :)
Awesome. You could even come visit it now and then, if you want. Ha ha!


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I would love to harvest the raw materials from it and practice my alchemy with raw molten brass. If there's carbon in the snare wires maybe I can transmute it into a youth potion! Then the next giveaway thread can just be me, giving away youth potions. Drummerworld will live forever.


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I don't understand the rules of this giveaway thingy.

I am averse to blowing smoke up someones @rse on principle alone.

What other ways can it be won?

Who plays the best music? Who had the worst current snare?

Apologies but this is the weirdest thing I've seen on a forum, but clearly it's a thing or else you wouldn't have "won" Larry's snare.

How did you win it btw? The other thread got too long
Johno, I think Larry deliberately didn't say how he was going pick the winner. You just had to post something in his thread. I just posted that I wanted it, how long I've been playing, and the snares that I currently owned. I didn't win, I was kind of like a 2nd round winner. I had made the list of honorable mentions though. Then someone else pitched in 2 more drums to give away, and I was picked for 1 of those. I don't know either of the givers, and I didn't expect to win. I didn't know how he would pick a winner, so I just said I wanted it. From what I under stand Larry picked two of the winners because they deserved it, or was really dumped on by life, and needed a break of some sort. The other winners were picked by by how they used the forum. Do they participate on a regular basis, were they helpful on the forum, and things like that. I didn't see any smoke behind me. That's what I know about how the winners were picked. Maybe next time it'll be you. Good luck, and keep on drumming.


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It's not weird at all. It's a very kind series of events from generous people.

Suggest you read the thread, as it's all quite simple and may even spread a bit of joy.
Absolutely. And as my old Mum used to say, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.

This is another beautiful gesture and another beautiful drum, which I would LOVE to have but the only reason I can think of as to why I should have it rather than somebody else - apart from the fact that I've always wanted one - is that it would go with my gold frock :)


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Dang Johno sucking the joy out of this man. This was in good fun, there were no rules for those who vied for a chance to receive some of Larry's good graces. These are Larry's snares and drums to do as he pleases. I teased him the whole time about it but I admire and think this is a fantastic gesture. Spreading the joy of drumming and drums is what I'm all about too. I love the fact more people are giving their drums away now. I already gave away two kits a few months ago otherwise I'd be doing it here too.


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I dunno, I played a black-over-brass Sensitone with a Stage Custom for some time and the only side effect I noticed was the unacceptably high number of ladies asking for my phone number.
Good thing they only wanted your phone number. If they ultimately wanted something else, you could'a been in a heap of trouble! ;-D

So.....nobody wants a brass Sensitone or what?
Sheesh, I'd LOVE it, but I can't be responsible if there's some kind of reaction between the Pearl Sensitone and my Yamaha Stage Customs. I suppose I could paint the snare Cranberry Red, but what about that pesky Pearl badge?!?

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I'd take it too, but don't need it either. I just picked up a brass Slingerland. Still don't know what to do with it. Ha ha.


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So.....nobody wants a brass Sensitone or what?
I would love it! I currently have 5 kits, 40+ cymbals, and ~10 snares, but I'm still struggling to find MY sound. I don't know if "trying to find my sound" is a good enough reason to receive such a generous gift, but I might as well throw my hat in.


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Larry and Mike,

The great gifts here are the gestures themselves.

Thank you for that...the usual $ grubbing of the holidays was getting to me...

I'm sure there is someone out there that really needs that snare...and I bet it makes it right into that persons hands.

Happy Holidays!



I would love the brass sensitone. I only have one snare, a Mapex Sledgehammer, and would love to try something different. I'm not sure I really deserve a freebie like this. I don't have much surplus gear, but I would happily bequeath a set of roto-toms to someone if I did win it. They are old and not in great shape. But with new heads and a little work they can be brought back to life. It's not much but I'm sure a teenager dreaming of a bigger kit could use them just like I did all those years ago.


I could totally use a really good brass snare, I have four and three of them are maple. Its such a great sound to have available for studio work and lots of drummers would end up playing it besides myself.

Like I said in the other thread as a studio rat I've collected and given a bunch of gear away over the years... I hate seeing stuff sitting around unused when someone else could really stand to benefit.

Currently I'm about to give an old Mapex Venus (90s & cheap!) kit to a friends 13 year old nephew for Christmas. He's in marching band and dying to get a kit so he can join the jazz band next year. Its a fallout from losing a collective rehearsal & recording spot. I don't need the kit or the $100 trade in so might as well make someone happy eh? Past that I dropped another $250 this weekend on other stuff to refresh and make it complete.

He's getting the black Venus kit 12 13 16 22 with new G2 coated all around and an old steel snare. We managed to dig up a B8 ride, hat kick pedals & snare stand... then aside from the new heads I got him a brand new set of Meinl HCS hats, crash and a pair of Tama boom stands. Currently its all stashed in the basement until I find time to knock off the rock & roll dust and put it all together. Then we gotta figure out how to sneak it into his house!


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I totally think it should go to that really deserving South African guy who sent you the PM.

Kits are not cheap in 3rd world countries. And from what I hear hes playing on a snare that came with his cheap and nasty Chinese kit. The kind where there are no snare wires on the outside of the reso head, but are actually bolted to the inside of the drum and press down onto the velum. ---Insert gasping emoji here---.

To clear up any misunderstanding, I am that poor South Africa. And I would love the snare. I have taken up a job in a second hand music store to get staff discount and I am still struggling.