Large crashes, and using rides as crashes


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Coincidentally with a few threads on here regarding large diameter crashes and the possibility of using thinner rides as crashes, a customer request came in asking for a video of exactly this, so I thought I'd share here for everyones benefit.

The video compares the 20" Rough Crash, designed as a sturdy rock cymbal, with a 20" Class Light Ride, ordinarily employed for more delicate genres. However being a thin ride it also has a beautiful crash.

These two cymbals crash at almost identical volumes, and personally I reckoned they sounded almost perfect as a pair on the kit. Just as the Class has an ideal large crash ability, as you can hear the Rough also has a surprising amount of ping as a ride as well as an exceptionally sweet bell.

Just goes to show - whats written on a cymbal as a designation isn't always the be all and end all. I'd be happy to employ either as an all round cymbal!

In the end the customer went for the Class Light Ride, and this has become his new primary crash.

Apologies by the way for the slight tempo variation right at the start - I had no idea that I'd be using my weaker arm for the first few seconds of crashing on that Rough. It just naturally fell that way and then I figured I may as well just continue!