Large Bass Drums


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I really like my 24 in kick but recently I've dragged out my Sonor Safari and been playing it-it's lots of fun. The lil 16 in kick cuts pretty well but no boom/depth or very loud. That is till I tried BenO'Brian???(I think that's name) kick trick of taking off half of lugs-so with this 16 in kick instead of 8 on each end only 4. I was wary of trying this on this lil kick but WTH. Man it opens up with way more boom and punch now-it sounds way louder and larger. I need to record before and after with all conditions being the same. But to my ear Holy Moly it's freaking me out. Now I gotta try the gaff tape underneath rim of batter head trick for snare.


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Any fans of Impractical Jokers here? Murr's "punishment" was being put inside a bass drum at a Steel Panther concert. Not the funniest of punishments, but hey that bass drum is big do you think it is?

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I've settled with a Gretsch 22 (diameter) by 20 (deep) "cannon kick". Moves a lot of air & gives me the best of both boom & punch worlds I could ask for.
I'd still love a 24x18 just to see what that does.