Ladies DrummerWorld Drummers?


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I mostly stopped posting here because I quit gigging, am not a gear head, heard most of the conversations before, and few here share my taste in music.

You guys always made me fell more than welcome but times and interests change.
Ohhhh....Dont go, I/we miss your intelegent and insightfull comments. Just cos you dont gig is no excuse for not offering your valued take on things drummy.


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Anon La Ply (PollyAnna) I've noted you don't post as much-you were one of the first to welcome me to the forum- I miss your post too. Hope you are enjoying your new musical journey and adventure. Shame though you got those Guru's and about disappeared-when I'd love to hear you Guru-ve on that kit.


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I'm right here! LOL
Gina "G" here, everyone!
I have been posting here for awhile now. Please feel free to check out my work. I would love to hear your comments and connect with you all!
You can find me on Facebook/GinaGOsmar and my twitter is @drummergirlgina

Please check out my web page with SoundCloud, Vimeo, YouTube and ask me some questions!