Lacking volume - Heel Toe Technique.


So recently I've been trying to incorporate more quick doubles on the bass drum into my playing, using the heel-toe technique...But I'm having real problems getting anywhere even close to the volume which my single bass drum strokes have. So I was just wondering if anyone else has encountered this problem at some point and has some wisdom which they could pass on to me :)


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How tight is your bass pedal spring? If the beater is coming off the head too quickly after the first hit you won't get as heavy a hit on the second stroke. Do you use your ankle to play with? That is key to good double strokes. Head tension will also have an effect on doubles. Practice will also help. Good luck.
I agree with Specgrade: Make sure your setup is the most favorable (the spring tension should not be too tight). Also, just practice. If you are just starting to implement these double strokes then you will need to develop your ability to play them over time.

Rick H.

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I used to not get very much sound out of my kick drum, (i'm not a heavy stomper) until i switched to the plastic beater, it gives me a nice solid 'thud' without hitting very hard. There's also rubber beaters apparetaly i've never played with one but i really do wanna try one out