Kumu four piece.


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...I just realised that this thread has been viewed almost 24,000 times. That's just off the wall insane!
Aside from the actual Kumu website, this thread is the first listing on google when I search "Kumu Drums." They should give you some free goodies. I know I've directed people to this thread when they've asked, "Anybody ever hear of Kumu Drums?"


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People, I have a confession to make.

I've done it... I've ordered more drums from Kumu: a 12"x9" rack tom, a 16"x14" floor tom and an 18"x16" bass drum. I guess this is the end of this thread -- and the beginning of a new thread called "Kumu two-by-four piece"!


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The big question- Why?
The big answer -- 'cos I wanna!

To further elaborate, getting these extra tubs will make my kit extremely versatile and malleable: there's the original pop kit (20-14-10), the new bop kit (18-14-12 or 18-14-10), a very small kit for small gigs (18-12-10), a small rock kit (20-16-12), a medium rock kit (20-16-14-12), a jazzy-fusiony kit (18-16-14-12-10), a rocky-jazzy-fusiony kit (20-16-14-12-10) and a weckly-funky-jazzy-fusiony kit (20-18-16-14-12-10)... and maybe more. I can also have two Kumu four pieces at my disposal if need be, and I won't have to tear down and pack up my entire setup for a small weekend gig.

...but really, I just wanna!


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Our band's latest rehearsal room demo "Pull the Plug" can be heard here:


The drums were recorded very spontaneously in one take, and the rest of the tracks were laid on top of that. It's a bit rough, but I like the song...

In other news... my new tubs are going to be here next week!


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Re: Kumu more-than-four piece.

So, I went to my practice booth to get my daily dose of woodshedding. As I opened the door, to my suprise, there were mysterious Hardcases on the floor...

Where did they come from? And more importantly, what's inside them?

Let's see... Oh, they're full of drums! Who would've known?

Let's take these babies out of their boxes, shall we...

Nice! How about adding them to the kit?

Then I went a bit crazy with the bells and the whistles...

I was utterly intoxicated by this madness, and started seeing everything in double...

Here's the jazz side: 18x16,14x12,10x8.

...and here's the rock side: 20x17,16x14,12x9.

But what kind of a rock kit doesn't have two floor toms? Let's fix that...

In the end, I left the new kit as God intended...

By the way, here are some pictures for anyone who's interested in wood hoops' durability. First, my snare drum's top side hoop.

It's all cosmetical. The wood hasn't chipped at all, just the paint. Next, compare a three-year-old tom hoop to a pristine one:

Those marks are barely noticeable, and virtually invisible from a larger distance.

Sound clips are coming later. 'Til then!


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hmm, i know ive had a little too much to drink following england going through. but wave you surely cant have 2 kumus? :D


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Wave, the connecting strip that goes from top lug to bottom lug...functional or purely cosmetic?
The lugs are essentially tube lugs which have been camouflaged with wooden strips. They're definitely functional... but they're quite pretty, too!


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Classiest lugs I've ever seen. Wood grain on the lug and the connecting strip? Great design. Love the floor tom leg brackets too, overbuilt.


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Just a beautiful kit. The things I like are the hoops, the lugs, the mounting system that's also hidden by a wooden piece...and the sound. Very cool drums indeed. When you mic the drum, do you just put the mic in the hole in the bass drum and point it toward the batter head? If so, that would be so easy. Have you played them miked up in a larger venue? If so, how do they compare in sound to a traditional kit with traditional micing?


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Wavelength, your kits are my favorite on the forum. just outstandingly beautiful. cant get over the pics on this thread. wow.


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I never realised you were a rock drummer as well. Awesome looking kit. As i say, should be really versatile with all those extra drums and that, not to mention looking good whatever the situation. A versatile kit for a vertasile drummer.