Kudos to the Evans Genera Dry!


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Have to say, I'm not liking the Genera Dry much on my normally not-too-wild-with-overtones stave snare at a low tuning, I think it needs a center dot to perhaps take out some of the fundamental. I can see it working well on a more thick wood shell or ringy metal shell though.

Personally, I use an Evans Heavyweight with a Drumclip dampener for my COB and that's a perfect low tuning combo.


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I like HD or Genera Dry on brass or aluminum piccolo snares, but I keep them far away from my Supra or Maple shell snares. Those get G12s now.

Anon La Ply

I agree about the overtones not being quite as full and rich. I've always used an Amb on my Gretsch, but it is very hard to tune with that head. I do prefer the sound I get from my acro with a PCRD, but the Gretsch is a problem child. The HD Dry tamed it. It sounds good now, but very flat and dry. Not optimal, but passable.
Yep, it's forgiving with tuning, which was good for me!

Next batter head's going to be an Aquarian Texture Coated (Ambassador equivalent). It sounds as good as an Ambo just shy of its sweet spot and, like the Evans, the coating doesn't wear off easily.


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Put a HD Dry on the 5 x14 maple, Ambassador snare side and 20 strand PureSounds. To get the wood tone, put on an S-Hoop. Lovely dry, woody sound.