Kris Myers


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maybe i'm overlooking a thread on this guy...

but, he is amazing. check him out. he plays for umphrey's mcgee, a very proficient jam band with a funkier edge.
oh man, I hope I'm overlooking a thread too cuz Kris needs way more attention than is shown here and his own page here on DW.

Tasty highhat work, insane odd-time grooves, intricate double bass, solid pocket,.......

If only I had a Masters in Jazz drumming too

p.s. for those of u turned off by jam bands cuz of the hippies, etc.. umphrey's does the heaviest, metalish "jamming"
fo those turned off cuz of jam bands simplicity, they also do some of the jazziest, most free-formed and technical

summed up: they mix it up and its music for musicians
but that's just my thoughts
people turned off of jam bands becuase of the "hippies" don't need to listen to jam bands
yeah, but unfortunately that prejudice will keep people from hearing great bands in all sorts of genres, bc unique talent is often summed up by something as one-dimensional as a genre classification


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I've really been into Umphrey's McGee lately, and I love his style and sound. His drums sound fantastic as well as his playing being incredibly musical.


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i'm definitely a HUGE fan. jam band turns people off, i would say they're fusion around here to get more interest.

myers plays with a ton of dynamics, even within his grooves. huge fan of the total UM package.


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you guys got meg white on here but don't have this guy? seriously???

take some time and listen to this guy play. ignore all your prejudices and download a podcast....its free.


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Kris is such a great and influential drummer. I've been into Umphrey's for a few years. Kris's playing has really influenced me. I also like the style of Brann Dailor. My two favoite drummers out there. I love Umphrey's and Mastodon much.


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Yeah, Kris has been my biggest influence since I began playing drums. His licks, jazzy style, and intricate nature will wow any drummer... or music listener for that matter. Just check out his 2 rounds of fills in 'Robot World' on the Anchor Drops album of 2004, just months after he joined Umphrey's McGee. Also, any track on Mantis is sure to melt some face. The guy just deserves more credit. Raw jazz influenced progressive power...


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I'm glad to see the Kris support. He has been the most influential drummer for me over the years and he deserves a spot on here - especially with the videos and interviews available.


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Thank you spotify, listening to some sweet allman brothers and they suggest me this anchor drops album.

Woah !

Smells like play alongs.


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I used to have satellite radio, which had a jam band station. Umphreys was probably my favorite of the bands they play regularly. The drummer and drumming have a huge impact on what I enjoy listening to, probably too much. I remember digging the drumming of umphreys, Kris (if he's the same drummer from what I'd hear on radio) is very capable and a ball to listen to. I remember the drummer impressing me as amongst the best of who I was hearing on that station.


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I saw Umphreys in 2006, they put on a very good show. Kris Myers is an excellent drummer to say the least. I haven't listened to Anchor Drops in a few years, maybe time to pull that one out. I like the Afro-Cuban thing they did on "Ocean Billy"

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Umphrey's and Kris are excellent! I'm a jam band fan, GD, Phish. Found U.M. back around 08?? Saw them in a hometown bar. Now of course, they play stadiums etc.

Excellent music.