Know any other drummers that use Sabian Paragons other than Neil Peart?


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I’ve hit them and they sound pretty nice. I’d expect that other people in the world have purchased them and play them.
I’d even put money on it. :)


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I have a splash of his (it's all I could afford), and they're definitely rock oriented cymbals. They remind me of the heavy attack of Sabian's HHX line.
I almost pulled the trigger on the "live set" offered with the flight case a few years ago. All those cymabls for 3k? Awwww Yiiiisssss...


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It's a dated reference, but the drummer from My Chemical Romance used a bunch of Paragons back in the day. I had the ride cymbal for a while, but it was heavier than I really need a ride to be.


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I think the original post is directed towards Pro drummers. are there any professional drummers other than Niel using Paragons? I bet there are some Pro drummers using them though. As mentioned earlier the drummer for My Chemical Romance


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I have the 20" crash. I want to say that Gene Hoglan used the 22" rides back with Strapping Young Lad. He may still use them for all I know.


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Bermuda used some on his recent Weird Al tour. I’m sure he’ll chime in soon. ;-)

Yep, been using Paragon 14" hats & 16/18/20" crashes since 2013 and am very happy with them. They're very 'normal' to my ear, just a nice pleasing classic rock crash, and the hats are equally normal (think assertive New Beats.) Not nearly the extreme cymbals you'd expect were crafted for an extreme drummer like Peart. They're not TOO delicate, but I've cracked 4 of them from 2013-2018 (325 shows) and none at all since then (85+ shows... I'm playing a little lighter :))

I tried the 22" ride initially, but it was a little one-dimensional. That is, it's a great ride, but only a decent bell and not crashable at all. I opted for an old HH 22" Raw Bell Ride from my personal stash that does everything I want in one cymbal.