Knee Injury


hey guys, on wednesday you could probably say i overpracticed. I jammed with a few
different people using double bass most of the time all for a total of about five hours. I
felt fine after we were done, just pretty exhausted.
I woke up thursday morning with knee pain (nothing extreme, had a slight limp and it
was enough to keep me from practicing drums.)

Its now Sunday, and sure it's gotten a little bit better, but i haven't practiced the drums
since cuz i don't want to aggrivate the injury, but i am DYING to get back to playing.
How exactly can I speed up the healing process? for now ive just been working on
rudiments and i'm thinking about practicing left footed but any suggestions to speed this


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Rest. Maybe think about how you can improve your technique.


I understand what you're saying Inspired Drummer (and looking at your site I don't doubt you know your stuff), but I really think there is something wrong with how he is playing. There should be no pain in the knee. nor in the hip flexor, or shinbone (I know he didn't mention them, they are just other signs). either of those are signs that something is wrong.

there could be a slight/moderate burn on the calf, depending on how long you've been playing (i.e. a month, a year, ten years), or if you are playing for extended periods of time, without breaks. I can (and do) play double kick for hours without breaks while watching american football, and all I feel is a slight burn in my calf muscle, actually I'm tapping away under my desk now.

I would really recommend watching some videos of derek roddy, george kollias and bostic, and try to play more relaxed without much movement of the knee. It might be an idea to start off at a slow tempo too, i.e. 60-80bpm. Adjust your throne height so your legs are 90 degrees and sit with your weight centered over the throne, so you have a nice balance point.

I hope my post (edit) doesn't come off as rude, and it's possibly I'm totally wrong, would just hate to see someone get injured from drumming!
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Maybe you should get a doctor to prescribe some anti inflammatory medicine. I'm currently using something called "Diklofenak mylan" to prevent knee pain from and old injury, but I don't know the equivalent in other countries (I live in Sweden), maybe it's the same.
It doesn't sound like anything major from the way you described it. Rest is the first step to having it heal so good thinking to stay off of it for a few days.

I recommend gently stretching your legs to increase the circulation around your knee area. I would also take some anti-inflamatory medicine such as Ibuprofen and apply an ointment such as IcyHot or Bengay to the area. All of this should help reduce any internal swelling and get your knee feeling better.

As you recover, you may want to analyze how you sit on your drum throne and how your kit is set up. I understand that you played for a long time with double bass, but if you're drumming in an efficient way it drumming for long periods shouldn't make you limp the next day.

How high or low do you sit on your throne? What are the angles of your legs? A simple height adjustment could relieve some of the pressure and strain being put on your knees.

As always, if your knee doesn't feel better in a few more days, see a doctor!

Hope this was helpful!


i sit slightly high enough that the angle of my legs is a bit greater than 90 degrees,
and my shins are pretty much going straight down to the pedal, meaning they are
perpendicular to the ground.

Like i said, i felt fine that night, just pretty tired. I did leave out a detail in that the real
pain didnt actually start until not the next morning but towards the next night, which is