Kits that make you drool!


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Here's my set of 1961 Ludwig Super Classics - a gift from a friend. When I received these drums, they were trashed - absolutely filthy and rusty. I restored everything. Claws on the bass drum are replacements - I'm going to have the originals re-chromed because they were too trashed to clean up (flaking, rust, etc.) The snare is a 1961 Super Ludwig (rare as rare can be). These babies sound fantastic. I have wiped drool from my face whilst playing these.

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Nice old Ludwig's, are they maple inside or mahogany? I used to have a pair of 22" kicks, one was a '57 with mahogany and one was a '63 with maple, they both sounded incredible, wish I still had them. Funny, I don't even remember selling them.