Kits that make you drool!

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I have a really nice 6 piece Pearl Session Select kit in Wine Red that I just picked up from C/List a short while ago. I now have it polished up to it's near original state and the tuning is dialed in perfectly for me. However, these are the drums that I want. If I could afford these I could honestly tell my wife "this is the last kit I'll ever buy. No really, I mean it!"

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Re: Kits that makes you drool!


Earthshaker's kit, have no clue if he's still around here.


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Re: Kits that makes you drool!

Matt Chamberlain’s Tori Amos Abnormally Attracted To Sin Tour Kit (Fall 2009)


Craviotto Solid Walnut Kit with Maple Wood Hoops

13”×26” BD
14.5″x18” FT
14.5″x16” FT
8.5″x14” RT
6½”×14” SN

Istanbul Cymbals

16” Agop Hi-Hats
21.5” 25th Anniversary Crash
26” Agop Ride
22” Vezir Crash
22” Traditional Crash with Rivets

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Re: Kits that makes you drool!

This is one of many!

If I could scrape up the $165,000 I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
One of 2 surviving (3 made) Gladstone kits. Carl Palmer owns one (Chet Falzerano owns the other). Palmer's kit is currently on the market and can be viewed on Steve Maxwell's website here for those interested:

Wow, that really is a piece of drumming history right there. I wonder if it will ever move a 165K.


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Re: Kits that makes you drool!

You seem to have a lack of snare drum choice though.....


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My current drool worthy kit. A Mapex MyDentity clone of Neil Peart's monster kit. Yum.





Specs are:

22x18 Kick
08x7 Mounted Tom
10x7 Mounted Tom
12x8 Mounted Tom
13x9 Mounted Tom
14x12 Floor Tom
15x13 Floor Tom
16x16 Floor Tom
18x16 Floor Tom
14x6 Snare Drum

I wouldn't know where to begin to hit all those drums...but I'd love to learn. :)
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Pearl MCX with 20" bass drum in natural birdseye maple. Just like the one below.

And proud to say I've got one on order :)



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Ok. That is a cool looking kit. But...where on earth did you find a black drum rack???

Sorry, I did not notice all the response's to my kit photo. Thanks much guys. I built the rack out of standard tube stock steel, I used Gibraltor connectors and powder coated everything black to match. The blue kit hardware is also blue powder over chrome. I still need to memory lock and mark all the rack settings, been taking me much longer to set up at gigs than it shouild. Always goes together just a little different. I will get a system in place soon.