Kit Update (pic heavy)


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so since my last thread ive added a dw9000 hi hat stand, 10" zildjian k custom dark splash to my kit and replaced my 15" k dark crash with an 18" k custom dark crash to match my 17". also my setup has changed somewhat. enjoy :) also sorry the pics arent great, was gonna take some outside but then it rained......


sonor s classix in walnut roots

24x17.5 BD
12x9 tom
16x16 FT

highwood custom drums

14x5.5 solid maple snare with re-enforcing rings

cymbals all zildjian k custom

10" dark splash
14" dark hi hats
17" dark crash
18" dark crash
19" hybrid china
20" hybrid ride


pearl c1000
pearl c 900
pearl b 900
tama road pro straight stand
tama mini boom
pearl eliminator demon drive double
dw 9500 hi hat stand
pearl p120p pedal (waiting for foot cowbell attachment)
tama ergo rider throne



Dude that is one awesome kit mate, i've always loved sonors since i got my first kit, i have a mapex at the moment but after seeing your kit i am definately going to consider one when i move to a pro kit :]

What do you think of the k custom dark crashes, i went to a store the other day to purchase an 18" dark crash and the salesman said that they didnt stock any k customs other than a 15" dark crash because aparently sabian have really upped their game and they lack lots of volume, do you feel any of lack of volume of the cymbals when playing as i havent went i tested them.

Thanks man and be proud of that kit :] George.


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thanks for the kind words. as far as the volume is concerned i play rock/metal and they are plenty loud, especially the new 18" crash. the k custom line is definatly my favourite line of cymbals. and tbh im not a fan of sabian ive played alot of their hh, hhx and aax stuff but its not for me, its preference really.
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Thanks for the reply, i will now be definately buying one of those crashes sometime :p

Many thanks, George.