Kit in the shed?


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Hey guys, I keep my kit in my room at the moment, and it has those foam/plastic things on the heads and cymbals to soundproof it. But it kinda takes some of the enjoyment out of playing. I wanted to move the kit to the shed so I could take the soundproofing stuff off, but it gets very cold in there. Would it be alright in there with a number of covers on it? If I do put it in there, is there anything else I can do to protect the kit and keep it in good condition? The shed does not get damp, I've left furniture in there for months, and it hasn't been damaged.



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Apparently one user on here let his cymbals get a bit too cold and they cracked very badly. So really it's best to keep your kit in a heated room over winter.


It depends how well the shed is isolated (heat-wise). Strong temperature fluctuations are bad for both your drums and your cymbals, I think ecpesially bad for your cymbals. So maybe a small heat source in the shed and some extra isolation would be a good idea. If that's all good you're good to go.