Kind of homemade cymbal bag dividers


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Hi everyone. I have a cymbal bag that doesn't have dividers. It's just an older basic Sabian one. I was thinking I could just go to the store and get some thin foam sheet and cut them to size, but is there anything else that would be better? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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Oops - hour's up.

Cymbals aren't going to slide against foam too well,
unless the foam is covered with cloth or some other similar material with less friction.


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I had an older Mars cymbal bag that was velvet on the inside. That might be an okay idea, especially if you make it into a 'mini bag' where you put the cymbals in and then put the whole thing inside the Sabian bag.


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I thought you were talking about soft foam.
The stuff in the pics looks like it might be hard and would probably work ok if the cymbals don't dig into it.


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I sew, so I've just used scraps of fabric to make bags for my cymbals. Off the stand, into the cloth bag, into the case. I made a ton out of an old sheet we bought and didn't like; it was cotton t-shirt knit, and while it made awful bed sheets it made a lot of awesome cymbal bags.


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I slide some of the cymbals in the bag into old pillow cases. The cymbal in the pillow case protects itself and two adjacent to it. A long pillow case can also be folded over to protect a fourth cymbal.

Example: The 20" ride goes directly into the bag, the 18" crash goes into the pillow case and is placed on top of the ride. A 14" high hat goes on top of the 18" crash and the remaining section of the pillow case folds over and the other 14" high hat is placed on top. This configuration also let's me keep the high hat clutch in place.

Another advantage is that you can pull and handle the cymbal through the pillow case which will minimize fingerprints.